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What is your pricing?

Pricing seems to be the most asked question these days and I totally understand.  My prices and wedding collections are not listed anywhere for many reasons.  I am an International Wedding Photographer and do travel all over the U.S. and beyond; because of this reason my rates vary depending on location.  My local weddings do not include additional fees; weddings outside my DC/VA/MD area, and outside the country are a little different and might include travel fees.  I also have all inclusive packages for both local and non local weddings.  If you would like to receive collection details for your wedding, simply send me an e-mail and I will send all the information that you need.


Do you travel?

Oh yes - Anywhere.  I’m willing to drive/fly/go by boat or train to anywhere my couples are getting married!  I’ve photographed weddings and engagement sessions in Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Dominican Republic, France, London, Spain, Mexico, and love it.  Every location offers a new unique experience and feeds my soul.


Do you have a limit on coverage time or the number of photos taken on wedding day?

I never have any limits on photos taken.  I offer a few collections and have a minimum of 4 hours for a wedding collection.  I also customize packages just for you if you would prefer.  I am at your wedding for whenever you need me throughout the day.  This can mean 4 hours, 6 hours, 8 hours, 10 hours, or 12 hours


I think you are Awesome and we want to book you.  How do we do it?

Yay! Thank you for trusting me with the most special day in your lives.  You will receive a custom portal online via ShootQ and/or Honeybook where you can sign the contract and make payment.


How do we pay?

This is an excellent question.  You have a few options for sending me payment:


1. Send us a check! This is old fashioned, I know, but it is still a classic and beautiful thing the check.

2. Cash

3. Paypal – ask me how?

4. Credit Card – ask me how?


Do you require a deposit/retainer?

Yes, we require a 50% non-refundable retainer to hold your event date.  The retainer is payable by check, credit card or cash, and is due at the time of contract signing.  


How many photos do we get?

My average minimum is 500 images, but these numbers vary depending on the day and the hours I am with you.


Are all of your photos edited?

Yes. Every single one of them.  The color and exposure will be exactly as I intend them to be.  Please refer to my style of photography by visiting the main page on my site.


Do you have any client reviews?

Yes!  I have many client reviews for you to read some are here or just search around the internet.


Do you provide a print and distribution release?

Yes, of course.  You can print your photographs wherever you want.  You can also post them on the internet if you wish [ facebook, e-mail, twitter, instagram, etc].  I also work closely with a lab from where you can print any of your beautiful images if you want them done well.


What do we get from you and what does this include?

You will a receive a beautiful package that includes an online gallery where you can download all the high resolution images and if you would prefer a USB drive with fully processed high resolution jpeg images, you can add that to your collection as well. You will also get web-ready sized versions of all the images, and two forms of copyrights [ our digital print document and our digital negatives document].


Do you have insurance?

Sure do.  Let me know if your venue needs my information.


What equipment do you use?

I shoot with top of the line Canon professional gear. 


Is this your full-time job?

Sure is.


How long does it take before we receive our products and photographers?

Online galleries and packages are posted and sent within 8 weeks of the wedding date [ most of the time it is much sooner than this ]



Do we receive the raw, unedited files?

I provide you with finished jpeg negatives.  This means you will receive everything that I shoot on the wedding day.  I do not provide negatives or out takes and these are not kept or archived in the studio.


How does the album design process work?

I enjoy designing albums and love it when my couples order one.  I think there is no better way to display your invaluable memories but within a beautifully crafted album.  I give all my couples one year to make the album selections before the book is subject to a fee due to increases in yearly production costs.  You do get to preview your album design and make three rounds of changes to it before a change fee is assessed.  Once the album design is approved; we help you choose your album cover style, color, imprinting, and other small details.  Once all the album design decisions have been made; it goes to print.  The whole process can be completed online simply and easily.  The album takes about 4 weeks to produce [ printed ], and delivered.


What will the album look like once it’s completed?

I have been working with 2 amazing album companies that allow me to provide my couples with a clean and classic album design.  The albums are fresh, modern books; very similar to a coffee table book.  I consider these books to be an heirloom for future generations.  I do offer a few options for upgrades; just ask me about our matted albums.


Do you include “online galleries” with your collections?

Yes, I do.  The online gallery is a private gallery that you can share with family and friends near and far so share away.  My galleries also include a secured shopping cart; this allows you (and your family and friends) to order prints and cards and select your album prints online.  All you have to do is access the link we provide you with and voila’.


What if we want everything documented? Can we have all the images?

Of course you can.  Please do keep in mind that all the galleries we provide are based on many different variables.  The length of the day, amount of coverage, number of events covered during your event, rehearsal dinner coverage, full weekend coverage, etc.  Every wedding is unique and all are covered to my best ability.  Because every wedding/event/engagement is different each will result in a different number of final images.


What is an e-session and do you offer engagement sessions?

An “e-session” is an engagement session.  I do offer engagement sessions and do these only during the week because of my wedding schedule. 


How long have you been a photographer?

I have been a photographer for a long time; 11 years.  I believe I have photographed over 500 weddings.  And I do remember every couple I have had the privilege to work with. 


Do we need to feed you at the reception?

I would really appreciate if you did.  It doesn’t have to be the same as your sit-down meal (many caterers offer “vendor meals” as an add-on option) but feeding me ensures I stay cheerful, mobile, and that I don’t faint from starvation.  Please ask your caterer to provide us with a warm meal.  Many times we are given frozen sandwiches and as you can imagine we cannot eat them or wait for them to thaw. 

If a meal is not provided, we do step away from the reception for 1 hour during your dinner to get something to eat – this apply if I’m with you for more than 6 hours.

I do prefer to get fed when you are fed, not afterwards, because when you’re eating you’re not at your most photogenic.  And when you’re done, I want to be done as well to continue your coverage.

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