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associate photographer | meet juli

Associate Photographer| Meet Juli.

My team is family to me. They have been with me for about 7 years and Juli is now an Associate photographer for Darling Photographers.

Juli and I have spent 8 wonderful years together and she has shot about 300+ weddings with and without me. She has been an Associate wedding photographer for Darling Photographers for the past 4 years and I cannot believe I am now finally posting this blog.

About 5 years ago I did a training with 6 real couples with 3 of my photographers training to be Lead Shooters. When I asked my couples to tell me about their experience with each shooter and their opinion on their style; the one thing I kept reading/hearing was Juli is just like you. She shoots like you, she puts us at ease like you, and working with her was a breeze.

Juli is a phenomenal photographer. She goes above and beyond for all our couples and having her at weddings is like having a friend. She is gentle, a total sweetheart, a calming voice when you need it most, always positive, she sees the good in people, works hard to get the best images that tell a story, and does this with the best attitude.

The below images I took during a wedding in June. We were in 100 degree weather and a hot and sweaty mess yet she was smiling.. always smiling...

Fun Facts ...

01 Juli is the baby of 5 sisters and her parents' favorite child

02 she has 4 nephews and 3 nieces who she loves dearly and documents their lives often

03 family and friends describe Juli as Loving, Caring, and Easy going

04 Juli loves the father/daughter dance the most at weddings and is a ninja capturing feelings and true emotions... candids candids candids

05 Her favorite color is Tiffany Blue [ mine is Green/ that deep in the amazons green ]

06 her favorite drink is a good Cafe Latte [ yum dry for me please ]

07 She loves spending time with family, and still hosts slumber parties with her sisters who happen to be her best friends - they do everything together

08 She loves the outdoors and tries to hike, bike, and run with her hubby as often as possible.

09 Her start in the photography industry was as an Assisting for Darling Photographers. That feeling of being able to capture beautiful moments of such importance for her couples is a feeling she wouldn't change for anything.

10 She loves Lifestyle and Wedding Photography the most and specializes in both

11 Her favorite lens is the Canon EF 24-70 f/2.8L II USM but carry same equipment as I do

12 Juli has been married to her sweet husband Mike [ an Outdoors aficionado ] for almost 5 years, and loves coffee and cookies almost as much as she loves being a photographer

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